Redemption and Other Stories (© 2017)

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The Blues Devils:
  • Doug Blair – Drums
  • Marc Brodie – Keyboards
  • Rob Doncourt – Bass & Vocals
  • Bob Lee – Vocals
  • Bob Sebastian – Lead Guitar & Vocals
  • Toby Venar – Lead Guitar & Vocals

Engineered and Mixed by Matt Vaughan at Hollywood Studios of Pittsburgh

Our Thanks

  • Bob Sebastian: The Brookline Blvd Presbyterian Church and Reverend Marsha and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and Howie for providing the incubator that allowed us to grow; My mother-in-law Doris Mosley and my mother Jean Sebastian Gross (the only Mom with two bands practicing in her basement), Slim Bryant, for teaching me to play the guitar in my spite of my best efforts to do it my way; My dad Robert Sebastian, who bought me my first guitars; Rev. Bob Funk, Rich Dugan and Toby Venar for reminding me that i still have a long way to go and everyone that ever took a minute to listen while I played.
  • Bob Lee: I’d like to thank my wife who puts up with impromptu breaks into song. I’d also like to thank Linda Binek, Carol Donati, and Faith Stipanovich who inspired an idea for a band.
  • Toby Venar: Thanks to – My wife Jennifer for her love and support. Molly Brown, Marlene and Don Venar for my first guitar and lessons respectively, as well as Mike Houlihan, Don Vicharel for their patience and teachings.
  • Doug Blair: Doug thanks his mom for not killing him in those early years of hitting everything in sight, wife Mary Ann for rekindling his affair with drums, and son Nick for inspiring him to stay young — or, at least, immature.
  • Marc Brodie: Thanks all those people who have inspired him over the years.
  • Rob Doncourt: I would like to thank my dad, Bob Doncourt for the love of music, and Gina, Robbie and Katie for their support.
The Blues Devils would like to thank Matt Vaughn for his energy and input into the recording. We’d also like to thanks those wonderful people who have supported the band – our friends, Facebook and Instagram followers, fans, those that have hired us to play and those we’ve had the honor to open for – Shemekia Copeland, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown and Matthew Curry.